About Moi

So it begins…



I’ll start off by addressing the top two questions I receive on an almost daily basis: what’s your name, and where are you from? My name is Katharina, and I come from the land down under, around the corner, and up the hill ..

Kind of, and it sounds fun! I was actually born in Germany, and am of the rare breed called, “Gerlombian“. A mix of German and Colombian. That being said, I’ve got a full range of thoughts & emotions in my back pocket. Human.






I built this home for personal expression of my passions: food, art, beauty, pleasures, and prose. As well as a place to connect with people on the world wide web!

Back in my art school days, I started a recognized blog that centered around food and adventures, aptly named, ‘Katharina’s Food Adventures. I never publicly disclosed it, but I created it to help me redefine and cultivate a positive relationship with food (overcoming a great part of an eating/being disordered belief system). Inherently, this enriched my whole life. A reminder to, “find strength in vulnerability.

Departing from art school (where my spark for performing, video, and experiential art magnified) I moved to New York City where I started an ongoing project called ‘Behind Foods‘, dabbled in personal chef services and teaching, as well as wrote for an independent magazine. I also enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to expand my knowledge on nutrition, wellness and coaching, seeing how our lifestyles and perceptions connect to our health, holistically. So yes, I am a certified health coach! I may not be running a traditional coaching practice, but I love creating spaces for people to explore inwards so they can feel happily whole in their lives & bodies. Aka reconnecting with intuition.

Nowadays, I call South Florida my home, after recently moving back from my escapade in Taos (where I started this venture). I’m excited to share more of my travels and encounters on here, and FOOD of course. It’s funny to see where I’ve ended up. A twist of fate is what I’ll call it, but I will save that story for another time…

I’m grateful for these learning experiences, the beauty that surrounds (whether imaginary or in front of me)… the challenges whether health related, relationships, the self… all of the life stuff. It all drives me, gives me a purpose for what I want to bring into this world, as well as what I do with my life so it may bring me peace and shed light for others.

I’m beaming at all that I plan on sharing with you guys, not to mention all of the wonderful mysteries this space could possibly offer. This may sound strange, but it feels like a wish come true.

Thank you.

Watercolor by Maria Stezhko