Honey & Lavender Daydreams

Heyo! Today I wanted to do something a little different… Lately I’ve been going on more adventures (in the kitchen and out), and I find that it can be very energizing to try new things! Leading to inspiration, stories to tell!

So I invite you to indulge in some delectables I have been enjoying as of late…


I picked up raw goat’s milk from Marando Farms, a nice little farmer’s market and nursery with regular hours. Matilda also got to join in on the adventure, and she spent her time sniffing around and exploring the farm/store grounds. I was interested in getting the goat milk for an ice cream experiment… which awaits you below!

Naturally I found other goodies that I wanted to try along with some summer staples like watermelon and lemons.

Random question: have you tried raw milk? What are your thoughts on it?


 Quail eggs for the ice cream recipe… for no particular reason other than I had them on hand.


 Vanilla bean clouds


 Enter the first batch of ice cream I’ve made this summer. The first of many I should say!


 Lavender & Honey ice cream… with vanilla beans, and more honey and lavender on top for good measure. Can you imagine taking a spoonful, and letting its coolness melt in your mouth?


 Enter freezer goods aka taro dumplings – dim sum! I went to the Asian grocer store awhile ago with a friend, and by awhile ago I mean a year ago. My mind goes back to a humorous comment in Bon Appétit’s article on “How to Store  Food in the Freezer“…


But I do have to say that it still tasted good! Taro catches my eye, and it makes me think of ube and old roommate adventures. I think of taro ice cream, taro jam, taro cookies, taro on my mind. I didn’t even mention the sticky rice in this dumpling, neatly wrapped in a banana leaf. Bonus: no added preservatives. Simple ingredients.


 Sweet, succulent jackfruit. Alien food. I tried this for the first time last year from a friend’s farm stand, and curious me went in search of it in all the specialty stores. I’d only found canned, but that’s not what I wanted. I wanted fresh.


 But since meeting my Honeydewd, and when summertime rolled around… mango season… he introduced to me a local gem, a tropical farm in the area. They grow things all year round, but their specialty and the reason why droves of people come from several hours away is mango. Not just one, two or three types of mangos. An abundance that will spoil and nourish you in the most delightful way.


 But back to the jackfruit! Some people who try it note that it tastes much like Juicyfruit. Well, it’s actually the other way around! Juicyfruit tastes like jackfruit because that’s where they derived the flavor from! They look like giant corn kernels, and they have seeds in the middle. They’re sweet, refreshing, and vary in texture. Kicking back and eating it alone in its simplicity is pretty satisfying.

Tip from Honeydewd: when cutting the jackfruit, slick your knife with coconut oil since the fruit has latex. It can get pretty sticky!


Apparently my love for watermelon is noticeable because one of the cashiers at a grocer I frequent mentioned it to me. Yes. Every summer I do not live without watermelon, but recently I tried a new combination!

A few of my friends are “fruitarians” meaning they predominately eat fruit. It’s quite a colorful diet if you ask me! Passionfruit + watermelon. I had seen this combination floating around the gramosphere, and was curious. I added salt & pepper because I’m Katharina. It was a nice combination with the tartness and crunch from the passionfruit, both lending their unique juiciness.


 Warning! You didn’t hear it from me… but my dogs really liked this yogurt!


 And they specifically requested cinnamon as well since they were torn between the honey flavor and cinnamon they saw back at Marando’s. What can I say?


Thought I’d end with another batch of ice cream… kind of like an ice cream sandwich only the sandwich part is ice cream! Mmmm chocolate. Salted chocolate ice cream with cacao nibs for a nice crunch! Me and my textures.

 I’ve been adding coconut oil to the ice creams to help with consistency, but it’s also a nice nutritional boost as well! As you might be able to tell, I’ve been on an ice cream making kick, eating it for breakfast on the regular. Mon Dieu! Last weekend a batch of Lucuma & Coconut was dreamed up, but I haven’t been writing my recipes down, which I probably should because they’re worth making at your house, or mine. Ice cream party!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

So far I’ve got, “anything mint or coffee flavored”, and “lemongrass, crystallized ginger, coconut!” Mind you, I am actually going to make up recipes for these, and share them… so if you are into that, let me know what you love


    1. Jim
    2. 2 years ago
    3. Reply


    Do you use dried lavender or fresh? If dried, how do you use it?

    Where do you get fresh quail eggs? I was just the other day looking at ordering canned ones.

    At one time ice cream had to be made of cream and if it was made of milk it had to be called ice milk.

    I love salt on ice cream, caramel, chocolate, lattes, etc. Have you tried smoked salt?

    I love watermelons but I don’t eat seedless ones.

    I have tried some roasted peanut oil on vanilla bean ice cream lately. Pretty good.

    Why is the Jersey Girl Yogurt labeled “Not for Human Consumption”?


      1. Katharina
      2. 2 years ago
      3. Reply

      Hey Jim!

      Didn’t see that you had left a comment, my bad 😀 I use dried most of the time. I tend to use it for sweeter recipes like cookies, and ice cream in this case. Although I think it’d be nice to make a simple syrup with it… pour a bit into a cup of steamed milk. Or perhaps on some sort of meat dish even? Or a butter! Infusing it into a butter.

      I found fresh quail eggs at a local Latin store near me, and I’ve found them at Whole Foods before. I’ve seen canned at the Asian stores. I’d imagine they’d be quite salty! I’m not sure though. Let me know if you do order them, and what you think.

      Really? That’s interesting! I read the other day about making gelato traditionally with milk no cream, so I guess maybe I err more on the side of making it that way. And that it also came from China when they used to mix fruit juices with snow.

      Ohhh salt on ice cream is delicious (and many things like you mentioned- sweet and salty is one of my favorite combos)! I was contemplating getting smoked salt for the ice cream recipe I’m going to post… SOON!! I ended up using a special type of salt I already have on hand that I think you’ll enjoy actually. I won’t reveal it yet though, it’ll be a surprise.

      Can you find watermelon with seeds where you are?

      Interesting with the peanut oil. What’d it taste like? Did it remind you of anything?

      The Jersey Girl milk is Raw!! So “only for animals”.

      Always good to hear from you, Jim!!

        1. Jim
        2. 2 years ago
        3. Reply


        Lavender is great as part of an herbal mixture for beef.

        Watermelon with seeds is only available fere for about a week every year.

        I think you already guessed that the roasted peanut oil is a lot like the roasted punpkin seed oil, except for the definitive taste of the peanuts.

        Raw milk can be sold here. Goat milk was always legal, I guess, and cow milk was legalized a few years ago. It just has to be labeled “raw”.


        1. Jim
        2. 2 years ago
        3. Reply


        I got the canned quail eggs and they are delicious. They are loose=packed in the can so they are in perfect shape. There is no salt, just pure water. They are great as-is, with a little dressing, or after a short pickle. Yum!


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